STYLE '17 Event Set-up Essentials

We will continually update this page with information about STYLE '17 booth and event set-up information. Over the next few weeks you can scroll through the listings to get all of our updates. 

This letter was send via email on February 8, 2017:

Subject: STYLE '17 Booths
Dear STYLE '17 Artist,
We are so excited about how things are coming together for STYLE '17, including our new beneficiary and new event venue. 
Our beneficiary, Art in Action (AiA,) is thrilled to be partnering with us, and is appreciative of your involvement.  Art benefitting art just feels right. 
From the convenient location and easy parking to the bright entrance way and airy interior space, the Computer History Museum is a truly wonderful setting.   Due to some unavoidable architectural elements of the room, our booth sizes will be 8' x 10' and 8' x 20.' The table and clothing rack sizes will not change and remain 6' x 30" and 5' respectively. Please be aware of this when you are planning your booth displays. As you know, we do our very best to create a floor layout to make the event flow both engaging and pleasant for attendees and artists alike. 
We will be sending you STYLE '17 event cards  by the end of the month.
Diane, Renee and Laurel
The Style Team